How to make your own tutorial video

I have created a (rather long) tutorial on how to create your own iPad tutorial videos.  

Why should you make tutorial videos for iPad apps???

There are many tutorial videos online for how to use iPad apps in general ways, but sometimes you might want your students to do something specific.  If you create a tutorial, it can be posted and can explain exactly what you want them to do.  You should keep all tutorials or examples under 5 minutes (I’m still working on this)  because information will be forgotten in longer tutorials. The advantage to tutorials is that students can watch them over and over again.  Once you have made a couple tutorials, it doesn’t take long to repeat the process. You can show students how to login to accounts, what you are expecting from a specific assignment, how to complete the assignment and more.

The first video shows you 2 applications. The first is reflection (only available on mac), which allows you to project your iPad on to your mac screen ($14.99 app), and the second is Omni Dazzle (only available on mac) which allows you to apply screen effects to your presentation while you are presenting (free app).

The second video shows you how to use another 2 applications.  The first is Camtasia (mac or windows) which allows you to capture your screen as a video ($49.99 app, 30 day free trial), and the second is iMovie (only on a mac) wich allows you to edit video files and add great transitions and titles to your presentations (free with a mac).


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