Pages and GoodReader

I’ve been using my iPad more than I ever have over the past month.  It’s hard to believe I used it almost exclusively for entertainment for the first year I had it, when the power and versatility really do make it useful for many things!

I started using GoodReader about a month ago to annotate PDFs.  I download a lot of articles for school and the iPad is the best way to view them, but I never had an application that allowed me highlight and markup the page with such ease.  

After playing around with it for a while I realized that I essentially have a giant canvas to work on.  Working with a stylus I can write clearly and draw diagrams with great accuracy.  This led to me to the thought of using good reader as a presentation tool, similar to an interactive whiteboard application.  This tutorial shows you how to make a template and and save it as a PDF using Pages ($9.99), and then open that template and start presenting using GoodReader (4.99).  Just so you know, there are other ways to create PDFs without spending $9.99 on Pages, but I already use pages and it works great.  You could also make any document on your computer (in MS Word, or Pages for Mac etc.) and save/export as a PDF, but then you have to get the document to your device (you could use e-mail, iTunes sync or dropbox to name a few)



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