how this blog came about

This blog is an assignment for LTA 700, Methodologies of Learning in Inclusive Settings: Theory Applied in School and Community Settings at Ambrose University College. This is one of my final classes before graduation. The assignment was to summarize and critique a piece of technology that can be used in the classroom. This could be a software, hardware or in my case a little of both. I have focussed specifically on how you can preset with iPads. The goal (or purpose) of this assignment was to expose our peers to technologies that they could use, and part of the assignment was to present the technology and demonstrate how it works.

I hope this blog serves as a reasonable place to find out how to use iPads to Present in the classroom (either for students or teachers).

The main format of the posts will be links to youtube tutorials on how to use specific applications on iPad for presenting. I have made some of the tutorials myself, and others are from external sources.

Happy Presenting. 🙂


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