Using Keynote on iPad

The following video tutorials show you how to create and edit Keynote Presentations on the iPad.

Keynote is one of Apple’s core products in their productivity suite called iWork.  iWork has been developed for the mac OSX operating system for quite some time, and is now available on the iPad as well.  Documents created in Keynote on the iPad can be saved and edited in Keynote on a mac, or exported as a Powerpoint Document.  When importing and exporting documents in Keynote they do not always retain style attributes with Powerpoint (or even Keynote on the mac).  The iPad version of Keynote simply does not have the features that Powerpoint and Keynote (on the mac) have.

Keynote is $9.99 from the app store.

This first video is a tutorial that I made on myself that shows you how to create and add elements to a Keynote presentation.

This second video I found on youtube which also shows some basic features of Keynote.