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Explain Everything

My posts in the past have been to show you how to use an iPad to present to a classroom. While this post is right in line with that, the idea is that your classroom is no longer right in front of you, but instead at home or elsewhere in front of their iPad or computer watching the presentation you have created.

I have looked at a few screen recording apps for the iPad and this one (Explain Everything) wins hands down (keep in mind this isn’t real screen recording as iOS 5.1 does not support multi-tasking in the same way a computer does) – I made a post earlier about how to screencast your iPad screen, but it requires a Mac and other software software, this app will stand on its own. ShowMe and Screen Chomp are the main competitors in this arena but neither of them allow you to export your video and use it as you please, that’s the main reason this app wins.

Explain Everything costs $2.99 and you can download it from the app store.

When you enter the app you can create a new project from the main screen. You can create projects from images you have on your device, from Evernote, Dropbox and others or you can create a blank project and add images later.


Multiple thicknesses and colours of pens
Laser pointer
Add printed text
Add images from several services
*Add web browser* – This feature is a favourite because you can actually navigate the web making annotations and comments as you go.
Slides – You can add new slides which makes it easy to go to a new workspace. Because you can set up slides before recording you can actually move to a new workspace that has text images and annotations ready to work with. This could save potential record/playback time.


Low resolution! I’m not sure why the resolution of pens and shapes are so low. Images you add still look fine, but when you draw on the screen the lines are quite pixelated.
Slow compression time! When you’ve finished your recording it will take as much or more time to compress your video into a video files as it did to record (and you can’t leave the app).