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youtube and iPad

The iPad has a great interface for navigating youtube.  The app comes installed on every new iPad so there is no need to download the app from the app store.  You can easily sign in to youtube from the device to access subscribed videos and you can search for content using the native search bar.  So, why use youtube when presenting?  Videos are a great way to get students engaged in a topic, and there are millions of videos on youtube that are all FREE.  Not only that, youtube makes it easy for you upload your own content to youtube right from the iPad.  Any video you create with the iPad camera can be posted to youtube.  Simply go to the camera roll by pressing the thumbnail image on the bottom left of the screen, then click the share button located on the bar at the top of the screen, and press ‘send to youtube’.  You will need a google/youtube account to sign in, and then just upload.  Students can make videos private or unlisted so that the content remains hidden to the public, or you can share it with the world.  The ‘send to youtube’ option is built in to the iOS software so it is available in other video editing applications (like iMovie).

The ability to create a quick video and share it with the class when presenting is a powerful way for you to engage students, or for students to engage their peers when giving presentations.  

I am still cautious of promoting students to upload to youtube, especially if they are recording other students, so this is something that should be considered.  You should be familiar with google terms, and understand the difference between unlisted and private, and know what is best to use.  

Using the iPad to access and upload youtube videos is simple, and is a great tool that can be used for presenting.


Prezi and iPad


Prezi is a great presentation tool that is non-linear in nature.  It offers a dynamic way of presenting that is simply not possible with traditional Presenting applications (like powerpoint and keynote).  Prezi is continuously upgrading their web application to include more features, but it still lacks many advanced features that you would expect from professional presentation platforms.  One great reason to use the service as teachers (and students) is because its FREE!  Prezi offers a free version of Prezi to Educators and Students.

The main critique to using Prezi with your iPad is that you can only VIEW your Prezi on an iPad.  You cannot create Prezi’s from your iPad.  Prezi has made it possible to edit Prezis on iPad, but it is a sub-par patch.  Prezi only allows you to change text you already created, so it is not very useful if you want to add objects, or change the sequence of your Prezi.

I have attached two videos that show you how to use Prezi.  The first is a tutorial on how to use the Prezi website and web application.  The second shows how to get Prezi working on your iPad.  Happy Presenting!